“WALKING TOGETHER”

In our Project, we are walking together with the goal of promoting actively our cause of providing the necessary information and technological tools to:

- To facilitate solutions free from toxics and environment friendly for the ecosystem.

- To get a healthy food in a sustainable way.

Not forgetting that it must be easily accessible and applied by all the social sectors involved.

"Healthy foods are your first medicine," recalling the principle of the Pharmacopoeia: "... that your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food" (Galen)




SYNODO focuses its philanthropic technological activity in the field of "Agriculture and Sustainable Healthy Food", "Sustainable Healthy Cities" and "Respect for the Environment".

The purpose of our mission is to provide the personal and professional experience of our team in order to achieve a "Sustainable Ecosystem".

Team that has stood out in its different areas as innovation professionals committed to society and the environment. With this baggage and in its new existential stage, our team wanted to join the effort to transmit knowledge and collaborate with other entities in order to achieve the common good of the whole society.

In our project we walk in order to actively promote our cause of providing the necessary information and technological tools to:

- Facilitate solutions clean from toxics and environmentally friendly for the ecosystem,

- Obtain a healthy food in a sustainable way.

Without forgetting in our mission of general interest that it must be easily accessible to the whole society. "



- Without toxic or carcinogenic.

- Economically viable, with access to healthy food by the entire population at a fair price.

- Respectful with useful fauna and pollinators.

- Non-polluting water and soil.

- Reduction of losses and waste of food. Increasing the consumable life.

- Production of foods rich in compounds and active ingredients that improve health.

- Support for the added value of local or proximity products.

- Reuse and optimization of resources, recycling organic compounds as sustainable fertilizers.



- Prohibition of weeds in public spaces and transport routes.

- Cleaning or degradation of toxic clouds of NOx, CO and CO2.

- Implementation of training work centers that serve as technological advice to organizations whose mission is social assistance and implementation of the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda (FAO-UN).



- Practical application of sustainability and climate change systems enunciated by FAO and UN.

- Communication for the objective of the 2030-SDG Agenda.

- Dissemination of the guidelines on climate change 2020.



- Communication program in distribution and retail centers.

- Blockchain system in the food chain in order to know the real origin of the products that reach the markets and with multi-residue analysis.

- Program of involvement of the health sector (Doctors in Medicine) in the verification of the quality and awareness of the need for fresh and safe food for health



Share our experience and technology together with our team and with the disposal of another selected team, consisting mainly of:

1. Farmers, of all volumes or all types of crops;

Selection factors:

Being fully aware of the danger that a farmer can send to the market through a product full of toxins and waste, and how that can affect the consumer and the environment.

Demonstrate the will to apply a philosophy of sustainable production, to obtain a clean and healthy fruit, without toxins or residues, and to commit to the environment and the health of the consumer.

2. Marketing units of final product, natural or processed fruit;

Selection factors:

Being fully aware of the difference between a normal product and a clean and healthy product and knowing how to value the effort and work of the producer in order to have a clean product and knowing how to present it in the market in the right way.

Have marketing lines where you can introduce and place that clean product with added value and respect.



The final objective is to obtain a SYNODO:

A club formed by companies engaged in different activities and experts in their area.

A club committed to sustainable agriculture, respect for the environment and health.

A club committed to defending and fulfilling the objectives of the 2030 agenda, and to the practical application of the SDGs.

Awareness to act according to the guidelines on international and scientific agreements of climate change 2020 agreed in the COP.

The members of SYNODO, are the first companies and institutions that have managed to implement a democratized sustainable agriculture.

SYNODO will be the first organization to meet the objectives of the 2030 agenda before the deadline.

SYNODO is developing a blockchain system, to make available to the consumer all analytical information related to the product offered by the partners.


SYNODO makes available to the signatory companies and entities, the freedom of adhering the advisory and executive body of the patronal board.

Producers / farmers

In advisory option SYNODO offers technology to obtain a clean product, of toxins and residues;

o Help to get that product at the same cost as a conventional product,

o Help to reduce production costs with economic and energy savings,

o Help to achieve, where possible, a reduction in production cycles and allow the product to be presented earlier in the market,

o Help adopt, when applicable, a circular economy;

Distributors / Large sales areas

SYNODO, also works together with distributors and large markets aware of sustainable agriculture, and the importance of human health and the environment, seeking a healthy and clean product, knowing how to value it and respect the efforts of our associated farmers to achieve it.

Consumer / Environment

SYNODO takes as its first and main objective human and environmental health. And puts all his experience and research to offer advanced technical solutions and practices to be able to obtain, not only healthy foods, but a healthy and clean planet, reducing and / or eliminating pollution.

Association conditions.

o To enter the SYNODO, it is without financial contribution.

The foundation does not accept donations, by having the necessary resources for its structure by the contribution of the founder. Only an annual donation of 1 euro will be accepted symbolically by the members participating in the board.

o For members who do not meet the adhesion conditions, the presidency department reserves the right to propose the leaving of the patronal board and manifest.

o To be a member of SYNODO, it is obligatory to commit to the following conditions.



Commit to cultivate and produce properly corrected to obtain a clean product of toxins and residues, including nitrates.

Commit to adopt a final product analysis plan and share the results.


To Have a system of management, management and data collection and backup.

To Have a social management system.

To Have a system of good agricultural practices.

To Have a Health and Work safety management system.

To Have an environmental management system.

To Have a supplier evaluation system.

To Have a stakeholder monitoring system.